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Summer of 2011 the TORC came back to Gull lake in Gravenhusrt to race the boats. It was a perfect weekend for both weather and the event. Power Boat Television was there and the video was posted on the youtube. this is the link have a look

Gravenhurst Boat Races

Also on site was miss Canada IV there is also a interview on this boat as well in this video.

GRAVENHURST - An annual boating event last held more than 50 years ago is making a comeback this year. Six vintage boating groups have joined forces to organize a return of the 100-Mile Cruise on Aug. 18, 2012 aboard the RMS Segwun.
The Muskoka Lakes Navigation Company held the 100-Mile Cruise annually from 1922, primarily aboard the SS Sagamo and the RMS Segwun, until the last of the steamers were decommissioned in 1958. As the name suggests, the route took passengers on a 100-mile return trip, from the Gravenhurst wharf, up through the locks at Port Carling, through Port Sandfield and up Lake Joseph to Little Lake Joe, where passengers disembarked for a picnic at Natural Park, then back again, explained Mary Storey, a volunteer in the archives of the Muskoka Boat & Heritage Centre and a member of the committee organizing the return of the historical cruise.
Together representatives from the Muskoka Steamships, the Toronto and the Thousand Islands chapters of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, the Trent-Severn Boating Club, the Manotick Classic Boat Club and the Dispro Owners Association have organized a re-enactment of the daylong event, adding 100 antique boats to the mix to accompany the Segwun on its journey.
“We’re going from Gravenhurst to Little Lake Joseph and back, and it will be probably an 11- to 12-hour day,” said Storey. “The public can bring a boat and register.… If you don’t have a boat, you can ride on the Segwun.”
The cruise will leave the wharf at 8:30 a.m., with an expected return time of 7:30 p.m. Natural Park is now private property, so the steamship will not be stopping for lunch; however, two meals will be served on-board, while accompanying boaters will be able to purchase and pick up a boxed lunch that will be supplied via a pontoon boat anchored in the middle of Little Lake Joe.
The antique wooden boats are a modern addition to the historical recreation “to make it a better celebration and get more people involved,” said Storey. “It’s also a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society, so we’re calling it Big Cruise for Big Cause.”
Though having 100 wooden boats accompany the Segwun on her 100-mile journey has some significance, Storey said they will take 150 if they can get them. Capable of faster speeds, the wooden boats are not expected to stay with the Segwun for the whole trip. As well, some boats won’t join the route until north of Port Carling to avoid a bottleneck at the locks, while the slow-going dippies will join the cruise in Lake Joe.
“The goal is to have those 100 wooden boats around the Segwun in Little Lake Joseph,” said Storey, who added they also hope to have a helicopter taking pictures of the procession from above.
With boats expected from all over central and southern Ontario, and possibly the U.S. as well, the organizers have also planned a barbecue and history lesson to run the night before at the Muskoka Boat & Heritage Centre to fill participants in on the history behind the 100-Mile Cruise.
During the cruise on-board the Segwun, local historian Richard Tatley will give an overview of what the cruise was like 80 years ago, while Ron Sclater will provide ongoing commentary on the many wooden boats that will be passing the Segwun.
“The people on the Segwun are really going to get a wonderful opportunity,” said Storey. Registration for boats to accompany the Segwun on the Big Cruise for Big Cause re-enactment of the 100-Mile Cruise will be available on the ACBS Toronto Chapter website at or to buy a ticket for the Segwun call the The Real Muskoka Experience 1-866-687-6667 or visit