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Ask the Experts

Here’s another Q & A from Jeff Titshall.

Q:  Is a marine transmission directional?

A:  The short answer is YES.

Depending on the make - IE Borg Warner, Paragon, Hurth ZF, PCM - there are some distinct items that need to be in place. Bottom line, there are RH and LH transmissions for RH or LH rotation engines.

The key here is, yes, transmissions are directional, but they can be converted. It will require taking the transmission apart and changing certain parts, but a trained rebuilder is fully capable to do such.

Some are as simple as changing the pump direction (which changes the hydraulic flow internally), while others may require reverse bands to be flipped. With one or two exceptions I can think of, if you try to run a marine transmission in the opposite direction, they will not work.

Marine transmissions are often neglected until they show signs of starting to fail. This is not that much different to how they are treated in automobiles. Bottom line, they are a necessary part of your driveline, and worth the time to check, and service.

Honey Harbour

August 19, 2017 was another great run with people and boats. Mike Gridley and friends of Honey harbor came together on a cloudy, rain threatening day to have a great rendezvous. Despite the weather 10 boats and more than 20 boaters came out to travel the waters of Georgian bay. Launching at Honey harbor marina we travel through the shelters waters between islands. We made a stop at the famous Kittyhawk, this boat once owned by Orville Wright is a treat to see. We had a late lunch with everyone back on shore. Rendezvous are always a great excuse to get out on the water. We hope you consider joining in on one. The honey harbor trip is becoming a yearly event so join in next year and bring some sunshine ,smiles and freinds. Thanks to those who came out .




so much water



beeting the rain


cool home of Kitty hawk




many islands