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Fire at Stan Hunter's Shop in Milford Bay 

Our thoughts go out to Stan Hunter following a fire in his workshop on December 14. Please click here for the full story.

Stan plans to rebuilt and hopes to be part of our annual Spring Tour on April 29



Your Club has been working hard to add more fun for you membership.
Club days have been added to the calendar. This day is an informal meet and greet at a members shop or home. This club day was held at the home and shop of Linda and Rich Hughes. Rich is in the process of completing a Clarion hull that was left unfinished by Dwight as he has now retired. Rich purchased the hull in 2014 and has been working to complete it for the spring of 2017.
The club days held at a shop are great for the DIY to see how the work on the boats have been completed. With lots of chances to ask questions and get a little more informed. The donuts and coffee make it easy to meet other members of the club. Thanks to Linda and Rich for holding this day on Nov 19 2016. Hope we see you at the next one.

Clubdya2 Folks arriving

folks arrivingClubday2 Outsidework to be done

Out Side work to be completed
Clubday2 Meet and Greet

Meet and greet with a warm coffeeClubday2 Riches Parents point out the areas that need work

Riches parents point out the areas that need more attentionClubday2 Rich explains the work to be done

Rich explains the work to be done on his Clarion racer .

He is eagerly waiting for the 6.2 L mercruiser to arrive