Every other year in the Muskoka Lakes Association holds one of the best shows anywhere in the small town of Port Carling. It’s not a huge show, 73 boats in attendance, but it has by far the best examples of Canadian built boats you will ever see. The boats are by invitation this gets the rare boats out of the boat houses and over to Port Carling which is the hub of the Muskoka Lakes. Port Carling is the centre of the three lakes and it is also the location of the Locks that provide boaters the access to all of the lakes. The show is free, has live music, and this year sunshine.

The Muskoka Lakes Association is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year so why not make that a theme and put the Heather Belle front and centre. She is a 1902 36’ cabin Launch, Built by the Marine Engine and Machine Company. She has always been a favorite of Julie and I. Thanks to Phyliss and Graeme for bringing her to the show. This is the first time in 40 years she has attended the show as she now lives on Lake of bays.

We also viewed Harry Grennings 1924 Ditchburn Rainbow IV. This is an outstanding recreation built by Clark Wooden Boats.  Back in the day the boat was way ahead of its time and got caught up in the rules with its surface piercing prop and stepped bottom. Today its very a cool boat to see go by. I love this boat so have a lot a photos. 

With so many fantastic boats I will let photos tell the rest of the story. You should put this on your calendar for 2020 so you see these beautiful boats while you still can.

Miss SupertestIII

Miss SuperTest III was front and centre as we arrived early in the morning


Heather Belle the 1902 star of the show


Heather Belle



Laiglon1931 ditchburn

1931 Ditchburn

Laiglon1931 ditchburns

L'Aiglon 1931 Ditchburn


View of the Muskoka Side from the lift bridge


!936 Minett Shields


Heldena Power

minett shields

Minett Shields vintage

minett vents

Minetts vents


Even had a wood burning steam boat

Below are photos of Rainbow IV the 1924 Ditchburn. Harry Greening had Rainbows from 1 to 9 the 9th was not a ditchburn


Rainbow IVs

rainbow surfacepiecing


rainbowiv 3

Rainbow IV3

Happy Boating

Chris Bullen