clubdays1The ACBS has had many broad-scale activities such as cruises, private shop open houses, and community wine and cheese parties. A recent review and focus group revealed that a lot of our members would like more localized events.

In 2016, some ACBS members responded to this new community objective by inviting members and non-members to bring out their antique and classic boats, and to invite their friends and families to attend. The events were a local wine and cheese gathering, a private shop tour, and a boat cruise. The feedback from these events was very positive.

A committee has been formed to further develop casual events in 2017 across our geographic membership base. The establishment of this committee will help coordinate activities and activate potential hosts.

If you have a boat that sits in the boathouse more than it should, we hope this objective will motivate you to polish up your boat and participate. The following dates are tentative until hosts and locations have been confirmed.

Private Shop Tours: March 25 & October 21
Wine & Cheese Socials: July 22
Boat Cruises: August 19