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spongeJr. Craftsman recipient

Jennifer was a recipient of a Jr. Craftman Award at the 2005 Gravenhurst Boat Show

Sponge - "Sea Flea" length 8' width 4' Power - 1970's 7.5 Mercury

I had a very small budget for the boat. The only wood purchased were 2 sheets of 1/4" ply from the lumber store. This was the plywood for the deck and hull. The remaining pieces were scrap from the garage. The total cost of the boat was $96.06. I used gorilla glue ("strongest glue on earth :-)") to hold it together, as well some screws and nails. The bow was clinch nailed with bronze nails. Then and layer of west system was put along the bottom seams. The name although inspired by the cartoon is appropriate as you may get very wet in the boat. Great fun was had on lunching day July 7.05. I had a blast once I got over the jitters of driving such a small craft. My younger bother took off and was a little less timid with it. I had to call him back in so I could get another go. I suspect that great rides will be had for many years to come.



The splash of water. The blowing of the wind. The freedom to ride around. The thrill of the acceleration and power! Oh, and the wonderful scenery, and all of its fragrances. All the joys of riding my own boat, made by me and my dad. Chopping through the water in the bay, and all in silence except for the quiet hum of my boat motor. Able to go any where, on water, go see my friends in another bay. Freedom, go anywhere, FREEDOM!

Carson Thomas, age 11 1/2


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