Rich Hughes

DIY Rendezvous


Have you ever wondered what it takes to host a rendezvous on your home lake? Or maybe the term “rendezvous” is a little intimidating – what if we just call it a “boat run”. The following are guidelines and helpful hints used when planning a boat run.


Initial Planning

Choose a location with a suitably sized waterway to provide several hours of boating. The boating area should be no more than 1.5 hours away from a central site, such as Toronto, Peterborough, or Gravenhurst. When picking a body of water to travel, find suitable launch ramps and parking for vehicles and trailers.

Once a location has been chosen, plan the boating route - keeping in mind stops for washrooms, and, if applicable, picnic areas. Maps and charts for the lead boat should be available, and if possible, supplied to others that may need them. When calculating the time on the water, figure the average speed of the group will be no more than 15 –20 mph when combining the fast and slow boats together. Also, when figuring launch times, allow about one hour to launch 10 boats at a single ramp.

Meal choices can be visit a restaurant, bring your own, or pot luck. Pot luck runs seem to be successful. If you charge for a dinner, there will likely be fewer people. If you’re not to eat until later in the day, a suggestion to participants to bring a snack and drink in the boat is recommended.

Promoting the Event

Have your run scheduled in time to be put it in the Calendar of Events listings in the Spring and/or Summer issue of Classicboat – submission deadlines are February 1 and May 1 respectively to Also send an email to to get your event listed on our website. A blast email to all club members can be arranged through the same email. Consider one blast email about two weeks before your event.

Here are some suggestions for promoting your event:

  • Get people to commit to attending. Even if there is no cost to participants, use some kind of registration system so you have an idea of how many people will be attending.
  • Get information about what boat they are bringing, how many people, food choice, etc. Record this information on a registration list, keep the list current, and send updates to other people involved.
  • Don’t list an alternative rain day. People will use this as an excuse not to attend if the weather looks even questionable.
  • List all known costs up front including ramp/parking fees, food cost if possible, and any other fees. If requiring lock passes, send out a notice before hand for boaters to pick up their own.

The Day of the Boat Run

Provide a cell phone number for the actual day of the event. Give a GPS location for the meeting area and a good detailed description of directions. If there is a lot of open running, divide into groups of fast boats and slow boats. Find people familiar with the area to lead each group. To provide a follow-up article for Classicboat, designate someone ahead of time to take photos and write the article. Your article should accomplish two goals. One is to acknowledge and thank those people involved in organizing the event as well as the people who participated. The second is to post-advertise the event and to let the people who didn’t attend know what they have missed. This may help kick start the participation for the next event.

Finally, have fun and enjoy showing off your home lake!


Fall Colour Run

19 Sept. 2010



2010 Fall Colour Run

1st Notice

Hi Everyone.
This is it, the last run of the season. For the Sunday September 19 Fall Colour Run we are doing Clear and Stoney Lakes. Details are still being worked out at this time regarding numbers of people, boats, launching/parking and eating arrangements. The main agenda will be a run around Clear and Stoney Lakes from 10:00AM till 3:00PM then supper at a local restaurant. More details will follow shortly. There is no charge for the run but you will be responsible for launch/parking fees, supper, and bringing you own afternoon snacks if you desire. To help us arrange things please respond back to me ASAP to let me know:
1)what boat you are bringing
2)how many people with you
3)if you need to use a launch ramp
4)will you be staying for supper.
See you on the water.
Rich Hughes
905 263-9969


2010 Fall Colour Run

Last Notice

Hi everyone. This is the last call for the Sunday Sept.19 Fall Colour Run on Clear and Stoney lakes. We are almost at our maximum for trailer/ramp parking so if you are planning on going, please contact me by Wednesday night to arrange ramp details and reservations for supper. Don't get left out. With thanks to Dave Dobbin here are the details:
Launching for those who trailer, will be at Paris Marine on Youngs Point. Paris Marine has offered us a discounted ramp and parking rate of $10 total, and has allowed us to leave our boats and vehicles there afterwards while we walk over to the Old Mill Restaurant to eat. We would like all the boats in the water and grouped ready to go by 10:00AM. For GPS directions use the OLD Mill Restaurant at Island View. 2824 River Ave. Youngs Point. 
All boats are going to travel together (this means slowly) up Clear Lake to Church on the Rock. We will then split into two groups of fast boats and slow boats. The fast boats will go on a guided tour of upper Stoney, while the slow boats go on a guided tour of lower/Burleigh area. There is a reason why its called Stoney lake, so FOLLOW YOUR GUIDE AND STAY IN THE CHANNELS!!! I would suggest bringing a snack and drink while in the boat. Public washrooms are at Youngs Point and Burleigh Falls lock stations.
Boats will meet back at Youngs Point at approx. 2:30 - 3:00PM to load back on trailers. Once all boats are loaded, we can keep the vehicles parked where they are and walk over the the Old Mill Restaurant for early supper.
See you Sunday.
Rich Hughes
905 263-9969